Investor Information

We are fledgling small business corporation recently developed from a merger of two local companies comprising of retail and gunsmithing/engineering with over 50 years of experience. We witnessed an opportunity to expand in order to provide an environment that would accommodate individuals who are, or may become, interested in the shooting sports and sciences.

Our vision is a simple four-pillar structure:

· Education: Indoor venues for all NRA, LE, and firearm-related courses available from certified instructors.

· Retail: Vast array of firearms, widest selection of common, rare, and obsolete ammunition available, high-end optics, holsters, targets, cleaning products, and other accessories presented in a clean, open, and welcoming environment.

· Range: Indoor range open to the public that warrants national recognition based on designs compiled from novice to experienced shooter’s and law enforcement input including state-of-the-art range systems.

· Gunsmithing: Offering certified armoring, repairs, warranty work, custom finishing, laser engraving, machining, ammunition manufacturing (general and custom), and fabrication on all firearms past to future.

Our process is a three-phase endeavor:

· Phase 1: Open Long Shot Inc. storefront accommodating the Education, Retail and Gunsmithing pillars while pursuing funding for Phase 2.

· Phase 2: Nationally renowned indoor range located 50ft from Phase 1 building.

· Phase 3: Expand operation and range capacity.

Investment Opportunity:

Long Shot decided to offer up a percentage of the company to the public with a return-on- investment incentive prior to building. Four weeks prior to the building breaking ground, this investment offer will expire.

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